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Wooden Knitting Doll

Wooden Knitting Doll

Explore the endless limits of French knitting with this Wooden Knitting Doll.

It's perfect for teaching children or beginners to create unique accessories with yarn, with a fun, colourful character design that they'll love too.

Knitting dollies are a fun way to get started in knitting. You just wind it round the pins on the top, hook it over and off you go! 

Suitable for making bracelets, necklaces, keepsakes, decorations, key rings and lots more! 

See what you and your little ones can create.

  • Ideal for French knitting
  • Ideal for children and beginners
  • Suitable for making bracelets, keepsakes, necklaces, key rings, decorations and lots more


Wooden knitting bobbin and assorted coloured wool.

  • Box size 16x13x3.5cm

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